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UPDATE : 27-11-12

Ministock 46..........After a wash and tidy up and also a quick dyno session at Shreds's keegans ministock was ready to go. Mark our engine guru gave us abit of advice so with this we managed to pluck a few more ponies out of the engine. Opening night was a great success with him going forward during every race with no damage at the end of the night. Meeting 2 was even better with his first win of the season and the driver and car look to be on form. Last weekend he also had a good night with a couple of good battles to get through the traffic and putting his passing skills to the test.

Stockcar 46............The stockcar at this stage is still having its rebuild completed, we are not to sure when she will be returning to the track probably not this year but hopefully at some time before the season finishes. Shes in need of some new body bits and sign writing as well so will take a wee while and she has at the moment taken abit of a back seat.

Superstock 46.........The super with car and driver pushed for time had to get things sorted for its first outing for the season which was to be a teams race against the Nelson Tigers at home. A first for many years for Wellington which was pretty exciting. So off with all the bent steel and the rebuild began!! A week of midnight finishes and some days hiding in the shed we managed to roll her out Friday morning for a promo event down on the waterfront with ROCK FM, along with Blake Ellett a member of the Young Guns. Thanks to the promotion we gave away a few free passes and had a few chats with members of the public who were down at the beach some of who had no idea what a stockcar was let alone heard of stockcar teams racing. That evening we took the car to Muffs so that he and T-Mac could give her a set up for the weekend.

The teams race against Nelson was never going to be an easy task with them having already teams raced this season and the Wildcats barely having got their cars out of the shed, in fact for some it was their first night of racing. Dale rolled his car out of the shed that arvo after a major off season rebuild, after the warm up laps he wasnt feeling as comfortable as he would have liked  to have been and pulled onto the infield. I can only imagine it was about now Sue was having kittens as we were now down to 3 cars knowing that I was only out there for show in the warm up laps as it this early stage and being my first night out a teams race was not how I really wanted to be testing the new hip. I quickly made the decision to see if Dale wanted to jump in my car, actually come to think of it I dont think we actually spoke all I said was " 3 speed" and he was away. Unfortunately he got a right front puncture 2 laps in and the carb flooded up so Dale pulled in. Nelson went on to take first with Pye coming in second. Its good to be able to get some teams racing in earlier in the season this year. A teams race against Manawatu this Saturday the 1st has been cancelled but we will be going down to Nelson on the 8th for a rematch and of course to dial ourselves in for the NZ Superstock Champs this season.

I would like to thank Eddie, Barney , Simon and Grant for all the hours that they have put in over the last couple of weeks, with plenty more to come no doubt.

UPDATE : 18-09-12

Sorry we have been so slack at updating our website lately as neither Sue or myself knew how to get onto the page no updating has been done.

Last season for us was pretty exciting with the build of the new Heyburn built T-Mac Superstock.  As with most things it didnt happen overnight the work involved to get Goldy to the track was huge with dozens of hands, serious overnight hours with very little sleep particularly the week leading up to the NZs in Huntly.  Thank god qualifying was a rain out as having piled her into the bus at around 8.30am on the day still uncompleted with an 8 hour trip in front of us it  was always going to be a fine line as to weather we got there.  A huge thanks to all involved we were amazed at the support of so many people that came to the party to lend a hand.  A big thanks to Tony and Nathan.  The weekend was always going to be a learning curb considering my first drive was my first heat on the track at Huntly.  As you would know the next weekend was the Return of the wildcats which we were pretty excited to be involved in.  The car performed I thought pretty good even though I did have my first roll over in her. Steiny assured me he made sure it was gentle, thanks to Steiny for that.  The second night we had a chequered flag which was pretty cool and made our weekend.  We then went on to compete at Manawatu Champs, NZ GP, Auckland Teams and then 8 laps at Speedfest Whoopeee!!!  Our final meeting was Palmys last meet in May we really should have stayed home as it ended in disaster after getting involved in a pile up that caused a ton of damage .  Never mind thats racing, we are looking forward to the new season particularly the NZs in Nelson which we will hopefully get to.

The stockcar took a bit of a back seat once the super arrived, and bar a few outings at Te Marua really didnt go very far apart from the world of stocks.  We took both cars, which  we raced on the Saturday night what a bloody mish!!  How pete does it I will never know, seven races with some back to back confusion was everywhere but we did have abit of a laugh.


As for Keegs in his ministock he had a great season qualifying for all major events around the country.  Ministocks in paradise he had a run off for 3rd and 4th against his buddy Todd Jenkins, which we were pretty proud of being only 14 and racing against a lot of people years older than him.  Keegs achieved 4th which is pretty much where he came for most titles including Oxford in May which was the last meeting of the season for him.  He has since turned 15 and is telling us he expects to be in the Stockcar in March when he turns 16.  Even mentioning he wants to do the under 25s in the Superstock at Meanee but we shall see. 

The off season rebuild has been very slow this year owing to me having a hip replacement in June, which was abit of a major.  Being my 3rd one I thought I knew what to expect however this was different surgery to previous ones with me having all the bits replaced and extensive crafting.  This has made for a long and slow recovery and a very grumpy Allen (according to Sue).  This week Ive been given the all clear to go back to the gym to find my lost muscles to hopefully I can return to racing later this year. 

Josh had an up and down season, which ended on a bad note when his bus blew up after its 3rd trip to Napier for the Peter  Barrys.  Lucky for him it wasnt far from beatles where I belive despite him having sold it to someone from Nelson its still there.  The tank is having a rebuilt with I believe the front end being the focus of attention.  At the moment they are busy fitting out their new bus which they bought from Christchurch. 

Heres to more regular updates now we have GH on the job.








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